Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tripped, fell, and landed on some bullets

Urgent news. Exclusive report. News flash.

Big whoop.

So apparently we whacked Osama Bin Laden(hereafter referred to as the “stooge”). Super. It couldn’t have happened at a better time. It works beautifully for Obama’s campaign kick-off. He never truly left the campaign trail. When things are starting to look bleak for Obama he freckles out with the great news: the Stooge is dead.

Many viewers of TV will take the story presented as it is. Simply because they do that with most things. They don’t fact check, research or question what is put before them. That is one group of people. A smarter group will think, fact check, and arrived at the conclusion that we in fact did kill the guy.  Conspiracy Theorists will think they killed some random person and said it was him- their way of explaining why they won’t release the death photos.  The disenfranchised group simply doesn’t believe it whether or not it is true or false- the government has lied to them too much. They now simply tune it out and soldier on with life.

Which brings us to our last group. The “Thinker” group I more or less fall into. Did we kill him? I’ll buy that idea. But the question is this, when did he really die? Now there is an undisclosed chunk of people that believe he was killed a while ago under Bush’s watch but it wasn’t publicized. Why not publicize it?

When things are good you don’t deliver good news. Here is an article which can provoke some thought on the matter.  Now take this article with a grain of salt, the sources for this article are vague at best, but the author raises a point to where more investigation should be directed.

You wait until things are really working against you. And then you proclaim the accomplishments and milk it for all it’s worth, whether the credit is yours or not. The technology to put a body on ice and prevent it from massive decay isn’t fairly advanced - It’s called a freezer.  Any American could pull off the feat of hiding a body in a deep freezer.

My question is why did they pitch the body overboard so quickly?  Why the sensitivity to his burial detail and funeral rites?  These are the fun details I am curious about.  Because as I review the clumsy history of congress, more gears in my head begin to turn. Nothing of large magnitude happens quickly when the U.S. government is involved. Unless they want it to be. This whole thing smells like a deal that happened outside the men's room on capitol hill.

Why not release the death photos? Apparently we don’t want to make our enemies angry with us. What kind of absurd, throwback, drug induced way of thinking is this? They are trying to kill us anyway, and have been for a while now.  USS Cole ring any bells?  Terrorists rammed a boat filled with explosives into our ship.  So why should we care what they think of us? I am reminded of truck driver heads being cut off with crude instruments just because they were driving a truck in their country. Worry over offending creatures like this should be at the bottom of our list of concerns. But this is what MSNBC reported.

Why pitch the body overboard?  Why the sensitivity to his religious burial rites?  Did all the people he killed get such proper burials?  Hardly so. To me it seemed like disposing of evidence. The Stooge sleeps with the fishes. Oddly reminiscent of the mafia behavior when they don’t want evidence or a witness examined under independent scrutiny. I would love to see some forensic tests on him to determine time of death, particularly to out if his body was dehydrated, or frozen at one point. But a burial at sea conveniently does away with that possibility.

Personally I think that we could have had some national fun and cathartic purging. Do something spiteful to the corpse and kick the ant hill of these fruitcakes.  Terrorists will retaliate in reaction. Let our enemies surface and stomp their guts out when we find them. Let America do what America is good at.  And to top it off bury the Stooge with bacon.

All disrespect for the dead aside, the world is better off with creatures like this not in it. Now I know that this would never happen. But I am sure there would be a market for it. We are a capitalist nation right? It would be opposed by both sides for different reasons.  Liberals because it is insensitive to a particular religion or because of family request.  Conservatives because they claim it is beneath them and that we shouldn’t sink to his level.  Both of which are trying to claim some theoretical moral high ground so they can sling their feces at their opponents like monkeys in a tree.

On a more sober note, the mainstream media such as FOX, MSNBC, CNN, or ABC, and other well trafficked internet sites did nothing to ask hard questions. The best they could come up with is “why didn’t they release the photos?”.  And really, what does releasing photos prove?  Nothing.  It proves that we can release photos. Photoshop can do spectacular things, check this out. Don’t believe me? Look a a billboard with a pretty girl on it, or any magazine with people in it. All Photoshop buddy. Photos mean extremely little.  Give it time, they will be leaked.

Truly, what I think we ought to have done is tie this particular waste of DNA to a missile and shoot him into space, Impractical? Of course. Amusing? Certainly. Bin Laden doesn’t deserve to be on this world, dead or alive. It’s not cost effective to do this for every monster that crosses American cross hairs but it would send a nice message. The message conveyed should come across like this:

If you kill Americans you will die, without remorse, and without respect of any sort in regards to creed, faith, class, or race.

And it all comes to a few other questions. If we really wanted him captured, he would be captured. We have tasers that shoot significant distance and drop even the most resilient drug addicts like a bag of doorknobs. They could have done the raid with shotguns and bean bags if we really wanted him alive. We have most elite military in the world, the best equipped, the best trained troops this world has ever known, and we couldn’t get him alive? Please…a few flash bangs and sleeping gas could accomplish this. One thing the military is great at is following orders. If they are ordered to take him alive, he would be alive. And I am sure he wouldn’t be thrilled about that prospect.  Plus I am sure he would have lots of intelligence data to be extracted.

Yet we are supposed to believe the government’s DNA test. The same government that has lied to us more times that we care to admit it. For something as important as it’s propped up to be it still doesn’t make sense. They think that this is some great victory in the “War on Terror”. Not really. Declaring war on Terrorists is about as effective as declaring war on sandwiches. It is as ridiculous as it is ambiguous. You can fight a nation or an organization, but not a phantoms.

This whole event doesn’t pass the stink test. And the sad thing is that my sense of smell isn’t that acute.

Wag the dog Mr. President, wag the dog.

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