Monday, June 6, 2011

Heroics, Head Banging, and Houdini


So in light of all the interesting things which have happened lately, we still struggle to get news worth reading.  Much like how the toddler’s epic quandary is this – Eat the blue play-dough or the red crayon.  The truth is that this toddler should be wondering why there are noxious fumes emanating from betwixt his nethers.

Things like this make me both glad, and yet disappointed:


Now I don’t have a problem with heroics or the accompanying deeds thereof, in fact I think it’s super.  Heroism is worthy of report in all aspects, look here for some real heroes.  Heroism is more often overlooked.  However, sometimes there is really nothing out there to report so they do a human interest story.  There is nothing wrong with that, but there is plenty of topics that need publicity.  This way, these topics get the attention they appropriately deserve from the general public.  Warm fuzzies are nice, but they should not detract from important matters.

International news websites has bigger topics to tackle.  Something like “Mississippi Heroes” belongs on a state news reel or local paper because it pertains to the local populace.  It takes something big, really big, to get national attention.  For instance, the Wisconsin union busting deal.  That is a huge deal with national and local effects.  Hence it makes sense for it to be on national news.

Moving on we have something of slightly more value:


Immigration.  Rule of Law.  Amnesty.  These all have been argued over for decades with no signs of resolution anytime soon.  Left and Right may as well bang their heads on the podium for more volume because neither side listens nor cares what the other has to say.  Now this issue has importance, but it is only a symptom of a more nefarious problem.

Which brings me to Houdini.  Why bring him up?  He was a master of misdirection.  Look over here, now over here, up there, “Hey, where’s my wallet?”.  Houdini is long gone by now but it looks like Obama is studying his tricks.

So lets take a look at immigration for a moment.  We have people entering the country illegally, but why are they coming here?  The same reason most people come here (illegal or otherwise).  Opportunities, freedoms, and rights which are denied to them in their native country, and the list goes on.  I think immigration is a good thing, giving others a better chance at life is something of merit I feel.  However this better chance comes with conditions, you need to get here legally.  Cutting people off in line does nobody any favors, it breaks down respect for rule of law.  Especially when you can’t speak the language of the country you arrive at.

Think about it this way, the life boat that is our country can only hold so many people.  When you have too many people trying to get on the life boat, that boat sinks.  When illegal immigrants don’t patch the holes in the boat they created, we all lose and had better be good swimmers.  Simply put, America can only assimilate so much at a time. 

Illegal immigrants have much in common with pests.  I worked in the pest control business a while ago and I found the common ground they both share.  Water, food, and shelter.  That is what sums it up.  If you take away two of them the problem is largely solved.  I always told my clients that the best tools in the pest control arsenal was a broom and a rag.  Clean the place up so they have no incentive to invade your home.

Currently we provide health care, shelter, food stamps, and many other things.  These are all abused by anchor babies as well as other border jumpers.  We have finite state run resources, currently the illegal immigration oversight provided has failed us in regards to proper allocation of American resources, in a grotesque fashion.  These programs are instituted for only Americans and legal citizens who pay for them.

If we quit giving illegal immigrants these things, than they will go away.  If there is no chance for physical/economic survival the problem solves itself – They will find another home.  We just need to clean a few things up and they will self deport.  It is cheaper than rounding them up on buses and spending cash to play catch and release like a sport fisherman.  If you think this is cruel then peruse this article and check the sources.  Mexico isn’t that kind to illegal immigrants.

Here is what Calderon says for us, and he does some verbal backflips for your entertainment.  Calderon says it isn’t illegal, but they can’t enter without written permission and such.  If it isn’t against that law then why do you need permission?  Curious eh?





Some would say that deportation is a little cruel.  Well, sort of.  Tough love is still love.  If they didn’t have the miracle destination of the U.S. they would stay or go someplace else.  I am fine with either. 

But the goal is to have them fix their own place so they want to stay where they were born, here is what Calderon the President of Mexico has to say about it.  Now most won’t say this, but I will.  We as Americans like the blanket term “illegal immigrant”.  Simply because you can’t call us racists because it is intentionally vague.  We all know that we are talking primarily about Mexicans.  I know Mexico is kind of a pile of crap right now with drug cartels largely running the the show.  According to the L.A. Times  at least 28,000 people have ben killed by the drug cartels.  But leaving the problem doesn’t solve it.  These people need to get rid of the bugs and glitches in their government and their streets or just burn it down and start again.  Now if they reboot the machine they better change the software and put in some good anti-virus software, or they will be back to square one in a few years.  Otherwise it is just like a broken record of something dreadful….like the Barney Song on cd.

Letting illegal immigrants (see I am even used to using the term) over solves nothing and hurts us.  I see no benefit to them arriving ill prepared to succeed here.  It does lawful immigrants no favors and we are sick of it too.  Too many burgers I have gotten with unwelcome pickles.  Way too many.  Linguistic errors like this need to be addressed.  Bad intercom hardware I can deal with – I simply yell louder.  However, yelling louder at someone who doesn’t understand what I say is utterly fruitless.

We have covered some ground.  So we have a solution to the illegal immigration problem.  But the monster lurks beneath even this.  News organizations like Fox, MSNBC, and CNN spew their refuse in hopes that somebody will buy it.  Why spill it in the first place?  Misdirection once again.  A salute to Houdini. 

Keep in mind that what is written from here and below is my own opinion with a few facts rubbed in for flavor.  In the mean time, pass the ranch dressing…

Our politicians appear to be doing everything they can to ruin the U.S. and there seems to be no end in sight.  Why?  Three reasons come to my mind.

  1. They genuinely believe that what they are doing is going to help in the future.  They clutch to these beliefs, even if they are dead wrong.
  2. They are just plain stupid.  This is true in some cases, we had a congressmen who thought a naval base would capsize the island of Guam.  Not even kidding – Check it out here.  It’s actually kind of painful to watch.  A prime example of why the public education system should be done away with.  But thankfully profound stupidity of this sort is still rare.
  3. They know what they are doing is harmful and continue to do more because of agenda items.

The first and second reason account for a significant percentage I think.  There is an abundance of what Stalin would call “useful idiots” which is the first reason.  The second reason?  Well, there is not a shortage of morons either.  Think stupid people can’t become powerful?  I need only remind you of the years 2000-2008 and the chimpanzee (Bush) running that circus.

The third reason is the more malevolent of the options.  And the most I am concerned about.  They are hard working for sure, but are they working for us?  If not, then who?  Easy question deserve easy answers. 

Follow the money.

Campaign donations may as well be the indicator to the politician’s agenda and his future actions.  Sadly these massive companies profit, and the others suffer. 

There are a few groups of people everyone should be skeptical of:

  • Lawyers
  • Criminals
  • Politicians
  • Elite Businessmen

Lawyers- They associate with all the above listed and should be treated with all suspicion available.  To confirm this, our Lord and savior Jesus had given warnings concerning lawyers.  Anybody who spends most of his time with corrupt people is going to have something rub off eventually.

Criminals- Well past behavior is a pretty good indication of future behavior.  It isn’t fool proof but serves fairly well.  Enough said.

Politicians- The hideous truth of the matter is that a large number of politicians are lawyers or have been at one point in their careers.  Anybody who has to convince you that he can take care of you better than you can is worthy of the greatest scrutiny.  Most politicians live truly demented lives.  There are anecdotal exceptions, but not commonly.  President Nixon suspiciously resigned form office in reference to the Watergate Scandal.  Mean while  President Clinton is getting serviced by an aide in the white house and is hailed as a great leader for the Left wing.  Brilliant role models…brilliant.

Elite Businessmen- I am a fan of capitalism.  I plan to be wealthy one day.  But when wealth can influence governments it turns into something else.  It turns into power.  Power can be used for good and evil.  When you get to the point where you can pick who gets elected you have begun your descent into a very slippery and dark domain.  The climb up to “Elite” status usually indicates that you have crushed, killed, blackmailed, or smeared enough people to the point where your humanity is nothing more that a footnote in your life. 

The Elite regresses into a biological machine that serves only to create more wealth at any cost.  And your time is usually spent to protect that which you have amassed.  You, the Elite, become a slave to your pride.  The master of the slaves i.e. Jane and Joe public,  is enthralled by his own pride.  The humorous thing is that they don’t even realize it.  Twisted fate eh?

It is easy to create wealth in rather seedy ways.  Don’t believe me?  Look up human trafficking, and drug dealing.  Drug cartel are filthy rich.

So when your politician works for an Elite, you can safely assume that your interests are not his priority.  The politician’s job is the Elite’s agenda of control, and you are his obstacle because you think in ways which differ from the agenda.   Easy way to figure out who he works for is either campaign contributions, or you can simplify it further.  Just ask your self this:

Cui bono?  It means “who benefits”.

Follow the money.

Conspiracy theory?  Perhaps.  The worst enemy lies within yourself – Pride.  It is written in scriptures that pride comes before the fall..  And the creepy thing is that we all suffer from another’s pride eventually.

And the world keeps turning. 

Man’s worst enemy and only natural predator is his own wishful reflection.

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