Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wake up, hibernation is over

Went to school, learned more.

Gained an understanding of the body that is greater than I previously had.

Learned more creepy things about the government.

Most displeased.


     Now here we are again, an election year.  And we are seemingly left with two bad options.  Obama vs. Romney, more like a gaggle of retards cheering for their own pet champion retard to win the special Olympics - in this case the Presidential Election.

Really, how long can this go on?  The middle east is no better off now than it was a hundred years ago, in africa they slaughter each other in droves due to race and tribe differences, in the US of A we simply carry on and gripe about economic problems and gas prices while everyone else is feeling the pinch.  Our currency costs more to produce than it is worth - fun fact is that our currency is actually illegal and unlawful as per the Coinage act of 1792 but hey, let's not let that ruin our day...

Idiot one and idiot two claim they will save us from catastrophe.  Facts remain that they are both idiots and could neither tie save us or stop us from going of the cliff in which we are headed.

There is a shining horse in the race though, Ron Paul.  Will he win?  Well if I put on my rose colored mirror shades and squint long enough I think it could happen.  Simply put people willfully remain ignorant and foolish and will not take steps needed to improve because it is not only uncomfortable, but it is different.  And in this new age of 'tolerance' differences will not be allowed.

Slowly, stealthily, as a snake slithers through the tall grass our government moves against us.  The drones they said wouldn't be used against civilian population are now being purchased all across the country by law enforcement. 

I see evil in only two flavors - methodical and crafty (MC), or blatant and vile (BV).  The end result is always the same.  One comes before the other.

MC always lays the foundation for its younger brother BV.  You see if BV was set loose too early people would wake up very quickly and reject it for was it is. and take swift, brutal steps to dispose of it.

MC is always difficult to spot though, at least to the untrained eye.  Even the trained eye can be mistaken at times too.  Typically MC moves by emotional pleas and whatnot, plays off of higher 'principles' of charity, good-will, and democracy stuffs.  The way MC talks and the way MC walks are slightly different though.  At first it really is all of the rose-colored stuff it says it is, and were it to stay that way perhaps it could be tolerated.  Inevitably it hatches from the chrysalis from the monster that sired it and BV comes into the world.

Curfews, carefully groomed 'free speech', and everything else follows.

Lather, rinse, repeat.  Currently about half the population thinks that they need a free ride, while the other half labors to wonder why they pay for it while still writing the check for it.  Madness of the highest order.

We have strayed too far from God's Law, or Natural Law.  These natural laws cannot be broken, yet we keep trying to and scratch our heads when things don't turn out the way we desired to.  The edicts of man's lust for power has cluttered too much of Natural Law.  We are just now beginning to pay the price for it.

I don't condone violence or breaking the law, but when the law becomes so oppressive that doing basic things like feeding your family becomes to difficult (or impossible) to do legitimately...then really what are your options?

We approach that question to which all free men know the answer to but refuse to speak up, but silently prepare for while hoping it never comes to 'that'.

Pass the piss pot.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Olympian Onion Throw


I had the joy of watching my kid the other day.  My second son just turned 2 recently.  He is really into apples, he loves them.  And for some reason he thought onions would be just as tasty.  So he bit deeply into the succulent layers of the onion as he would any apple.  Now he being young in age, small in stature and ignorant regarding the taste of onions, decided to show his dislike for this onion.

He didn’t just throw this onion, he launched it like a mortar.  Much to my amazement he went over to it again and proceeded to degrade and berate it for being in his life.  Granted, it was all in toddler-speak so I understood not what the wee lad was saying.  The intent of his verbal thrashing was quite clear though.  He wanted this onion to know its place in the universe, that it was beneath him and that it definitely didn’t belong near him, especially in his mouth.

I had no idea my little kid was pint-sized dragon of Scottish fury.

The fun part of this is that I warned him as he was looking at it.  I warned him that it wasn’t going to taste good and that the spice was going to cause him some discomfort.  He is a toddler with a well developed sense of selective listening.  So of course with the willing ignorance of a toddler he bit into this onion like he would an apple not only to find the taste unpleasant but the spicy aftermath of his decision.  He was quite put out to say the least.  Hence the utter rejection of the onion in question.

We can learn lessons from my onion-hating child.  Recently we passed Obamacare in this country.  The supporters of this bill did their best to paint it like an appetizing apple.  You can sugar coat an onion, but the end result is something more disgusting than the original onion.  The sugar is gone, and all you have is onion left over.  Plus the newfound feeling of anger after the realization of being flimflammed by a group of silver tongued devils.

Let me be clear, this is not a debate of what is or is not healthy for a child.  I use this only as a prop and a background to illustrate my point.

We were told many nice things about this health care bill before it was signed into law.  Probably the most notable being that there would be no rationing of care.  Turns out there was rationing built into the bill.  I personally read aspects of the bill to find out that there isn’t a death panel per se, but if you reach a certain age you get to have “advanced care” planning sessions which are mandatory every five years.  Also there is a special commissioner that you have to submit reasons to receive care after a certain age.  Smells fishy, why on earth would I need to submit a reason to live to some commissioner?  Here is a better variant on the above question- Why should I have to submit reasons to live to some commissioner?  Don’t I have a right to live and pursue happiness or something to that effect?

There is another fun aspect of the health care bill.  Apparently they now require all of your account information for every banking institution in order to make real time claim adjustments.  On the surface it seems fairly benign, altruistic even.  The obstacle is this, I do not trust the government’s ability to manage my funds on any level.  Having been in the military I have had to deal with pay problems numerous times.  I already have to keep the bank in check, with this I have to deal with an even more obnoxious opponent in regards to my money.  I don’t do auto-pay for a reason with any card.  The idea of the government with instant access to my cash to make withdrawals or deposits is a frightening aspect to deal with.

And so once the onion is bitten and the truth is discovered, of course we are trying to get rid of this thing! 

Make ready the onion cannon!  Launch that onion far, far away.

If only our house representatives  and the senate had the fervor to do such a thing.  The house made a largely symbolic move to repeal it.  Basically they identified who was for the health care law and who was against it.  They drew the line in the sand.  Apparently that was it though.  They still are working with the cretins who put this thing in place.  They have been distracted by important issues like a budget battle, but have bypassed a critical issue.  Priorities are mixed up a bit.

The republicans in the house own the house.  The best thing they could do is nothing.  That’s right, just do nothing.  Pass no other legislation, no votes on budgets, debt ceiling nonsense, or any other topic for that matter.  Just bring everything to a grinding halt.  The liberals do it all the time and it works.  Republicans can do it, they just aren’t doing it.  If republicans bring congress to a screeching halt they can get their way.  They control where the money goes, so why not yank funding from every bill that passes your way until they get the law repealed?  They were sent to do a specific job, and they tried, just not very hard it seems like.

We pondered the stupidity of former Congressman Wiener for roughly 2 weeks in the media because he apparently has fairly promiscuous and adulterous hobbies.  No wonder we aren’t making progress on important issues like the health care law.  Deliberate misdirection if you ask me.

Perhaps they say they want it repealed but are otherwise content with it.  This seems like the most obvious case.  If they really wanted it repealed it would be done by now.  They can sit on the wallet and their hands and their opponents hands but they do not do it.  The liberals have in the past and would happily do it again if it gave them what they want.

Democrats are the left wing, Republicans are the right wing.  Problem is that they are both wings of the same bird.

But the bird is a vulture.

Vultures will patiently circle a dying creature for days if need be waiting for the banquet to begin.  Once it’s dead it’s fair game and chow time.  America is not invincible, right now America is quite vulnerable.