Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wake up, hibernation is over

Went to school, learned more.

Gained an understanding of the body that is greater than I previously had.

Learned more creepy things about the government.

Most displeased.


     Now here we are again, an election year.  And we are seemingly left with two bad options.  Obama vs. Romney, more like a gaggle of retards cheering for their own pet champion retard to win the special Olympics - in this case the Presidential Election.

Really, how long can this go on?  The middle east is no better off now than it was a hundred years ago, in africa they slaughter each other in droves due to race and tribe differences, in the US of A we simply carry on and gripe about economic problems and gas prices while everyone else is feeling the pinch.  Our currency costs more to produce than it is worth - fun fact is that our currency is actually illegal and unlawful as per the Coinage act of 1792 but hey, let's not let that ruin our day...

Idiot one and idiot two claim they will save us from catastrophe.  Facts remain that they are both idiots and could neither tie save us or stop us from going of the cliff in which we are headed.

There is a shining horse in the race though, Ron Paul.  Will he win?  Well if I put on my rose colored mirror shades and squint long enough I think it could happen.  Simply put people willfully remain ignorant and foolish and will not take steps needed to improve because it is not only uncomfortable, but it is different.  And in this new age of 'tolerance' differences will not be allowed.

Slowly, stealthily, as a snake slithers through the tall grass our government moves against us.  The drones they said wouldn't be used against civilian population are now being purchased all across the country by law enforcement. 

I see evil in only two flavors - methodical and crafty (MC), or blatant and vile (BV).  The end result is always the same.  One comes before the other.

MC always lays the foundation for its younger brother BV.  You see if BV was set loose too early people would wake up very quickly and reject it for was it is. and take swift, brutal steps to dispose of it.

MC is always difficult to spot though, at least to the untrained eye.  Even the trained eye can be mistaken at times too.  Typically MC moves by emotional pleas and whatnot, plays off of higher 'principles' of charity, good-will, and democracy stuffs.  The way MC talks and the way MC walks are slightly different though.  At first it really is all of the rose-colored stuff it says it is, and were it to stay that way perhaps it could be tolerated.  Inevitably it hatches from the chrysalis from the monster that sired it and BV comes into the world.

Curfews, carefully groomed 'free speech', and everything else follows.

Lather, rinse, repeat.  Currently about half the population thinks that they need a free ride, while the other half labors to wonder why they pay for it while still writing the check for it.  Madness of the highest order.

We have strayed too far from God's Law, or Natural Law.  These natural laws cannot be broken, yet we keep trying to and scratch our heads when things don't turn out the way we desired to.  The edicts of man's lust for power has cluttered too much of Natural Law.  We are just now beginning to pay the price for it.

I don't condone violence or breaking the law, but when the law becomes so oppressive that doing basic things like feeding your family becomes to difficult (or impossible) to do legitimately...then really what are your options?

We approach that question to which all free men know the answer to but refuse to speak up, but silently prepare for while hoping it never comes to 'that'.

Pass the piss pot.

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